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Selecting A Body Shop


Selecting a body shop

It is important that whoever works on your car uses authentic factory parts. There are cheaper parts that may actually be more dangerous in a new accident that could lead to more severe injuries or death. (example: body panels are designed to crumple in an impact. To accomplish this, the factory adds small wrinkles in the metal at key points to encourage this. Without those crinkles, the panel would not collapse and all the energy and force of the accident gets transferred to the occupants rather than being absorbed by the car.) We encourage you to use the dealer. But get several quotes to make sure they found everything and you are getting a fair price. If you can’t use a dealership, we also recommend the following:

If the vehicle that needs repairing is your only transportation at the time these body shops offer a loaner at their own expense in case your Insurance coverage has an out  of pocket cost ( with a promise of later reimbursement) Which can get very expensive for an extensive restoration

Ball Body Shop
Gates Body Shop