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Finding The Right Attorney


Finding an the right Attorney

Do I need an attorney?

Sometimes you do, sometimes you do not.  If you are at fault, have insurance and the damage is minimal, then you probably do not.  However, if you have injuries (especially any broken bones, facial scars or pain lasting more than a week or two) then you should consider talking with an attorney.

If I meet with an attorney, do I have to retain them?

No.  Most attorneys will give you a free consultation.  You do not need to retain them on that visit.  However, they do not represent you until you sign their documents.

How do I find a good attorney?

  • Many firms will send letters claiming to have gotten millions of dollars for their clients.  Let’s be real.  Unless you are paralyzed or someone is killed, no one is getting millions.  They may have had one big case or are just totaling all their settlements into one large number.  You should ask how many different attorneys’ collections went into that total?  Ask them what their “average” settlement is.
  • Most attorneys charge the same percentage to represent you.  Therefore, the thing you need is an attorney that will be “hands on” the entire time and take care of your case personally, and not just pass it off to an assistant.
  • Many large firms will take on everyone who calls and then pass the case to the secretary or legal assistant to work on.  Why should you pay the same percentage of your settlement for a claim that the attorney didn’t even look at until it was time to settle?
  • Do NOT fall for the TV ads where a famous spokesperson says “You need a powerful attorney.”  In those large firms, the senior partners will not take the smaller cases.  To have them work on your case, again, there needs to be a death or very severe permanent injuries. YOUR case will likely be passed on to an employee or junior partner with less experience.
  • Also, do not hire your family or divorce attorney, they may not have the experience or expertise needed to deal with the insurance company.  Get an attorney that specializes in personal injury.  You could ask your family, but they probably only dealt with one or two, if any.
  • Ask your doctor who he/she recommends.  Your doctor probably dealt with many attorneys over the years and can tell you who they felt did the best job or give you feedback from his previous patients.