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How To Obtain a Traffic Accident Report


How To Obtain a Traffic Accident Report

The traffic accident report is a vital written document which records the facts and circumstances surrounding a traffic accident. The date and time of the incident, property damage, passenger and driver injuries, and the names of witnesses are all contained in the accident report. Should the accident become a legal matter, and most will, you need a copy of the Traffic Accident Report for you, your attorney and your insurance agent. To Get a Traffic Accident Report, here’s what you must do: Contact the police agency that investigated the auto accident. If you can’t recall the investigating officer’s department, here’s a handy tip:

  • For accidents within a town or city, contact the municipal police department;
  • For accidents outside of a town or city contact the Sheriff’s Department or the State Police.
  • Some Department of Motor Vehicle(DMV) offices may also provide accident reports.

Mail Wisconsin Department of Transportation Crash Records Unit P.O. Box 7919 Madison, WI 53707-7919

Telephone Crash Records Unit (608) 266-8753

In most cases you’ll have to complete a Record Request Form.

  • Some departments may offer this form online.
  • You might have the option to submit by mail or in person.

Be aware, you will be charged a fee for the form. After ordering the form, most agencies will give you the option of receiving the form by mail or e-mail.