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How To Select A Chiropractor


How to select a Chiropractor?

Below, we have compiled an impressive list of highly skilled Chiropractors in the state of Wisconsin who also perform physical therapy. We feel it is important to do both for a full recovery. We also know it is easiest to do them both at the same time at the same clinic to save travel time, money. This will also make it easier for the doctors to know what is being done so that no unnecessary duplication of treatments occur.   We thought that it would prove helpful if we at, Automobile Accident Support Network, listed them in order, according to their years of experience, complimented by our research of their documented on-line reviews and positive results with difficult injury victims. It is not our intention to endorse any one specifically. We choose to remain neutral, as we believe that each Doctor or Clinic on this list has proven effectiveness in their field.