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What we offer:
Valuable information to recent vehicle accident victims to help them prevent mistakes that can cost them financially, and emotionally. We also assist victims with pain mediating services as well as monetary grants to accident victims, that do not recover financially due to poor insurance coverage, or companies that did not pay.


  • Local Attorneys/Lawyers that work with vehicle accident cases only
  • Local Auto Body shops that may or may not have free loaner cars
  • Local Chiropractors that Specialize in Vehicular Accidents with incredible reviews for helping patients recover
  • Local hospitals and emergency rooms in your community
  • Best Insurance companies to work with before & after an accident…



You or your loved one will need an attorney/lawyer that has the experience and knowledge to protect you from insurance companies that don’t play fair when it comes to recovering financially from loss of wages, medical bills-that should be paid once your settlement has been agreed upon by you and your legal representative- not before or during, in addition to pain and suffering, along any with other expenses incurred during this very difficult time. You deserve to  be made whole from all financial loss sustained during your accident and recovery period.