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Selecting a Doctor


Selecting a Doctor

You should go to the Emergency Room right away if you have any of the following:

  • Broken bones (or suspect a broken bone)
  • Loss of consciousness or blacked out
  • Cuts that need stitches
  • Swelling (especially a swollen or hard stomach, as this may be a sign of internal bleeding).

Keep in mind that the job of the ER is to save your life, not treat or rehab injuries.

Never use heating pads, hot showers or hot tubs for at least 3 days after an accident. This may cause more swelling and your injuries worse. Use ice for 20 minutes every hour or so to reduce swelling or inflammation.

The ER may give pain killers, but remember, that only helps with the pain. It does not treat anything. No one has ever been diagnosed with a Tylenol or pain reliever deficiency. These may also lead to problems with addiction.

If you have a broken bone, you will need to see an orthopedist. For a list of good orthopedic surgeons, click here.

All your medical doctor can do is prescribe medications or refer you to someone else (usually a chiropractor or physical therapist).  Unfortunately, it may take days or weeks to get into your doctor and even longer to get into a physical therapist.

Physical therapists can give exercises or do some therapies like traction, ultrasound, massage, electric muscle stimulation or cold laser. 

These are all very good and very useful to treat soft tissue injuries. But they are missing a step.  You would not put a broken arm into a cast without lining up the broken ends first? no of course not. Why would you strengthen the muscles without making sure the joints/bones are aligned properly. This is where chiropractic comes in. The chiropractor is the best person to make sure the joints are lined up right. Also, many chiropractors are trained to do the physical therapy too. This makes your life easier because you only have to schedule 1 appointment each time, not 2 appointments at separate clinic. There is less travel from clinic to clinic, less time wasted and you never have to worry that one doctor doesn’t know what the other is doing. They are the same person.

Not every chiropractor is an expert in soft tissue injuries and whiplash, and not every chiropractor does physical therapy too.

To help you out, we have researched to find some of the best.  Remember, not a single professional we recommend on our website has paid to be here. We compiled the list by talking to thousands of patients, doctors attorneys and even claims adjusters. This is why we are so confident you will find quality care and a lot of knowledge in the doctors. For a list of experienced, quality chiropractors who do physical therapy also, click here.