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Important Auto Accident Messages

There are many things to be aware of when it comes to important auto accident messages. The most important things you should know when you have been in a Motor Vehicle Accident include:


Make sure you keep note of everything!! If you go to the Emergency Room, and we certainly suggest that you do, Keep note of the doctors you have seen. Also keep the test result and any medical records that they gave you. This could be very important for your future care, as well as your attorney to make sure you are treated fairly.


It is very important that you get and keep a copy of the accident report showing that you were not at fault. This site has information that will help you with the details of where you can go online, or in person, to get a copy of the police reports regarding your accident.


Most motor vehicle accidents will result in some sort of soft tissue injury. These injuries include, neck pain, back aches, and many other areas of the body that bring on intense pain that can not be seen through an x-ray. This is the reason that we recommend that you see a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist that specializes in motor vehicle accident treatment. We also suggest you see these specialists in addition to your personal Physician. It is important to get someone experienced so they will know how to treat you and just as important, how to properly document your injuries.

Types of Treatment

A physician or family doctor will typically take care of your soft tissue injuries with muscle relaxers or pain medication. Even though these practices are helpful in the short term, they do not correct the source of the issues that are the root cause of your discomfort. In addition, they do not correct other negative physiological part of long term usage or addiction to these types of medications. The other problem that comes from this type of care option is that there will be very little treatment documentation for the insurance companies. This prevents any proof that you have been actively trying to find any other support for your injuries. As a result, this sends the message that you may be recovering physically, and the injury(s) are not that important. This may reduce your chances of a full financial recovery when the time comes.


Hire a competent Personal Injury Attorney. Many Attorneys are General Practitioners and may practice personal injury as one of their many skill sets. However, trying to find a skilled auto accident lawyer has been proven to be the best option for most. Research has shown that when these above steps are followed, the average vehicle accident claims will be awarded a 3x higher recovery amount than just working with the insurance company or trying to settle the claim yourself.